indie game developer


ice and bone (in development)

online co-op wilderness hunting + survival game - work together to survive on a frozen planet.
- written in Unity/C#


2017 MassDIGI indie beta winner!!!

color-matching infinite bullet-hell, inspired by old-school boss fights. descend into hell and slay the old gods.
- written in Unity/C#

the crows

low-rez survial horror. hunt crows, don't run out of ammo, don't die.
- written in Unity/C#

two of swords

a short visual novel / choose-your-own tarot adventure / personally quiz / turn based battle.
- written in RenPy/Python


a simple text-based card-battling game, inspired by Hearthstone. play against AI or local multiplayer.
- written in Python

seven souls (working title) (alpha)

minimalist retro horror FPS. collect seven souls to escape the dead woods.
- written in Unity/C#

four winds (beta)

a casual mobile puzzle game - control the wind by swiping, guide ships safely to islands, avoid pirates and whirlpools.
- written in Unity/C#

on a tiny planet

entry for Ludum Dare 38 game jam compo

coded in 48 hours - a tiny 2-player co-op digital board game for web. collect pearls before you run out of food!
- written in Unity/C#


a very simple text/menu-based maze game engine, written in the willow programming language
- written in willow (my own language)

see more of my games on itch.io

team projects

dungeon master

asymmetrical local-multiplayer dungeon crawler - one player plays as the hero, the other as the dungeon
role: programming, design

souffle bingo chamption

2018 Global Game Jam entry

local-multiplayer competitive food fight bingo! make a souffle before your opponent!
role: programming


2017 Music Game Jam - #5 for Innovation

heal a corrupted forest spirit by playing your violin!
role: programming, design


willow (programming language)

my own simple interpreted programming language / interpreter, designed to have a clear and readble syntax.
- written in Python


a website that generates ascii art based on an input image. see the code behind it here.
- written in Python/PHP

jenny the bot

a tumblr bot that automatically generates geometric art, textposts, short songs, poetry, and marxist essays.
- written in Python

bpd.lol (currently down for upgrades)

customizable emotional regulation web application - track your mood, energy level, physical symptoms, etc.
- written in PHP/MySQL



guitar-based rock/punk/post-rock/alternative



vinegar valentines

experimental/electronica/glitch/video game music

grunge priestess




glitch pixel art made using this game